Enterprise Intelligence is on track to becoming the most productive technology, recovering 6.2 billion hours of productivity by 2021, and generating $2.9 trillion in business value globally, when paired with human intelligence, according to Gartner.

ACTIONX confirms the biggest pain point emerging is the lack of specialised skills, with 47% of Chief Information Officers reporting that they needed new skills for AI Projects – Gartner.

As a result, given the pace of change, ACTIONX collaborated with industry, to develop commercially-fit training content, using state-of-the-art technology, and the greatest minds in post-doctorate research, to develop & deliver commercial interactive onsite training, workshops & custom classes  to help up skill teams. Training covers data science, machine learning & artificial intelligence. 

ACTIONX training programs are certified by leaders in your industry and designed to suit all levels of staff from beginner, intermediate and/or advanced. 

Clients use our in-house resources to plan for their future skills and effectively bridging the gap between future requirements, pace of changing business demands, academia, commercial & public organisations. 


ACTIONX research identified top key reasons why data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence projects and internal programs typically fail. The results are reflected the lack of Maturity – the single most significant reason to failure; lack of clear project definitions, missions and goals, wrong or incorrectly applied use cases, lack of specialised skills, limited or failed funding approval, fear of failure by executive/sponsorship team, security & technology risks, lack of data management and governance, lack of successful practices, system integration, inability to measure the current, potential and future value, internal and/or external risks, poor governance of program, lack of shareholder sponsorship, lack of technology application.

To drive success on project and program for our clients, ACTIONX is leveraging years of extensive hands-on successful experience, PhD & MBA qualified teams, proven frameworks, best practices and methodologies to arm their clients for success. With our In-house resources we have developed a maturity and capability model that measures organisations maturity and makes recommendations for increasing maturity for data science, machine learning & artificial intelligence.

ACTIONX is equipped to drive our clients success no matter their maturity level, from concept-to-project completion and program delivery, our data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence consultants are your secret key to success and competitive differentiation.


Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence hype is challenging business decisions around the world. With new advancements in technology, speed of changes, and disruptive technology there is no room for failure.

By 2020, it is expected to be the year for businesses who have waited, to finally jump on board to witness a goldmine of advancements for their industry, taking advantage of Data, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

ACTIONX advisory services addresses your most pressing and key concerns, helping guide your team along the right path to success. By unlocking the power and value of your data our experts with technical, strategic and industry expertise provide advisory to your organisation.  We confidently and confidentially answer some of your most simple or widely complex questions and key issues covering, what your industry is currently using AI for? or future planned implementations of AI? What are the new and innovative use cases for machine learning What’s the evolution of human and machine interaction over the next few years? How will the rise of AI assistants help or destroy my business? Should I adopt AI now or wait? Is my Data analytics or artificial intelligence team mature enough to beat the competition?